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Surgery Safety Steps

  • Information on the consent form will be explained to you before you sign it. Be sure you have all your questions answered so you fully understand what will happen and what to expect.
  • We will put an identification band on your arm. Staff will confirm your identity for surgery by asking you (or your family) to say your name and birthday (or other identifying information).
  • We will confirm type of procedure or location on your body. If you are unable to speak and are alone staff will work together to confirm your identity clearly.
  • If your procedure involves a question of left vs. right, or has multiple choice of sites (like fingers and toes), the actual site will be marked on your body by the doctor or other member of the surgical team.
  • Just before the procedure begins, everyone in the room will take a short ‘time out’ and check that they are doing the right procedure on the right patient in the right place. This may happen after you are asleep.
  • We prevent infections by careful hand washing and (if appropriate) giving antibiotics.
  • All family and visitors will be asked to wait in the lobby.
  • The nurse will take your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and review your health and answer your questions.
  • Your anesthesiologist will review your health and blood tests, tell you what will happen and answer your questions.
  • Please let us know if you need anything.